how to be locksmith in Houston and Harris County, TX

In the locks market there is a huge variety of locks, there are high quality locks and there are fewer, there are expensive locks and there are fewer and there are reliable locks and there are fewer, and from this wide range should choose the most suitable lock or cylinder, preferably the best quality and be cheap.

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Choosing good locks in Houston Texas without getting to know the market

In cases where you have no idea about the locks and you do not know how to approach lock selection, and this is true for every field not only in the locks, you should try to follow the negation method – disqualify the locks that are less suitable for you and then reduce the variety. It is recommended to ask the locksmith who installs the lock for you. A recommendation for a cylinder that is also of a high quality with adequate protection  in locksmith Houston for your apartment and at a reasonable price.

Replacement of locks Houston – the price of locks

There are more expensive locks and there are very cheap locks. This varies depending on the type of door you have and the level of protection you need.

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Cylinder door replacement – Cylinders including installation will move from the starting price for a cylinder – 250 USD and can reach the most sophisticated cylinders up to 1500 Usd. You will have to make a decision about your budget for purchasing a new cylinder.

Replacement of a cylinder in interior doors Houston – Interior doors pricing is slightly different because most of the interior doors will be complete, ie when the entire lock system is one unit.

There is a wide variety of Houston locking mechanisms for interior doors and in all cases there are many choices if at all. The price of replacing a cylinder with a wooden door or interior door only, without a locking mechanism will start at USD 200 and will usually not exceed this price.


The importance of the lock for protection in Houston and prevention of burglary


There is a huge difference between an apartment or a business with multiple entrance doors and a one-entry property. In the apartment let’s say on the fourth floor, for example, from 8 floors, the entrance to it will be from the door only. In this case, the cylinder is of the utmost importance because it is the exclusive protection and main guard against burglary. In this case it is important to choose a quality cylinder with a high level of protection.

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However, when it comes to a private house with many sliding windows, as well as additional entry doors and more loopholes, the cylinder’s responsibility will be reduced as the main protection mechanism for entering the house. In this case it is important to install a high quality locksmith in Houston anti-burglary cylinder but there is not a good reason to choose the best cylinder You have to use a 1500 cylinder, a high-quality cylinder that costs 450 is a good defense in this case, and of course it is important to protect the sliding windows with locks for sliding windows.


There are quite a few cases where you will want to replace your door to a cylinder. For example, replacing a cylinder is required when the cylinder is very old, which is no longer functioning and it becomes very problematic to open and close it. There are of course cases where you have multiplied the key so many times and delivered it to too many people, and you will want to replace the cylinder now to be sure you are protected. Of course, there are also cases where you discover that you have forgotten the keys somewhere, or that they were stolen – and then it is clear that the cylinder must be replaced. However Houston residents, is it possible to replace the cylinder without having a key?

The cylinder replacement process in Houston

? Does a cylinder replacement require a key? – In principle, it is entirely possible to perform a cylinder replacement even if there is no key but it is important to understand that of course if there is a key, the task will be much simpler! This is because the key keeps the entire door unlocked, so removing the cylinder is much simpler. In fact, in this situation you do not need to influence the lock language. Beyond that, if you have a key, you can open the door wide, which gives a much more convenient approach to removing the cylinder. Despite all the above, it is very important to understand that the replacement of a door cylinder is completely possible without a key. This makes the breakthrough work more complex and longer – but it is entirely possible. The main difference is that usually in such a case, there is no choice but to contact a locksmith who will break through the door.

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locksmith for home in Houston

? What tools are needed for cylinder replacement? – Depends very much on whether you have a key or not and in addition – whether it is a steel door cylinder or a cylinder with other simpler Houston, Texas doors such as wooden doors. If you are replacing a cylinder with a simple door, then what you need is a screwdriver and a hammer – usually by hitting the cylinder, you can pull it out and replace it with the new cylinder. In some cases, forcible retrieval with a pipe key (and removing the screws themselves with a screwdriver earlier) will allow you to completely remove the cylinder. If it is about replacing a cylinder for a steel door, keep in mind that there is an important protection layer on the cylinder and before it should be removed. You first need to remove the handle completely by using a pliers or a pipe key, then remove the protective box with an elm key, proceed with screwdrivers to remove the screws, and pull out the metal plates that lock the cylinder in. Pull those plates out.

That’s why it’s important to be prepared

So opening and replacing a key less cylinder is certainly a challenging matter-always be prepared with a locksmith’s phone number to do the job for you.

Reasons for replacing locks and cylinders:

The most common reason is that the new tenant wants to block the possibility of finding a key in one of the previous tenants, with a neighbor he does not know or with a professional such as a repair worker, a cleaner or a plumber who entered the apartment using the key. It makes sense that the key is duplicated and there is no way of knowing where copies are from and what will be used.

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Another reason for replacing locks in Houston is a false lock, and in case it actually fails, it will cause the door to be slammed and the burglary will be needed. locksmith in Houston for all you locksmith needs for Another common cause is key loss or suspected key theft.